November 2, 2011

First time...

My beautiful and talented sister of Maine Seasons Events advised me to create a blog to explain and personalize the bird nerd behind my new business - so here goes nothing...please be patient with me as I am a one-biologist operation, out on a limb of discovery in this wide world of blogging!

Here in Maine, winter basically just showed up last Saturday with snow and cold temps.  We've been caching wood for the stoves faster than our resident chipmunk is draining the bird feeder.  By resident I do mean that this lil' rodent freely comes and goes within our walls and ceilings.  This creature traverses the entire structure of the house in what I can only imagine as a series of well worn paths in darkness.  Apparently Nuala the dog gave up the outside chase and accepted that she will never catch it and life is better while resting anyway.  Is there really anything I can do in a house that is 172 years old?  I mean, I'm pretty sure another creature would fill any vacancies.  As long as it stays on it's respective side of the wall, then I guess living with a chipmunk might not be so bad.

With the coming of snow, so comes the sad, annual realization that my backyard bird diversity is about to decrease dramatically.  I do appreciate my winter birds, but the craziness of fall migration seems to be winding down.  Though there have been hundreds of American Robins moving through the property this week, and to my delight I spent a morning in the company of a small flock of Eastern Bluebirds in the yard.  The local Pileated Woodpeckers have been providing good close-up entertainment in the elm snag on the edge of the driveway.  I feel lucky to see them so closely and so often.  It was this pair in my yard that inspired this Burly Bird sticker:

Enjoy the rest of fall migration and please check out the website and tell all your bird nerd friends!

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