April 27, 2012

If you happen to see someone with two pairs of binos...

A recent post about intoxicated birding on the renowned 10,000 Birds blog has had me laughing since it was posted.  While I'm sure we're all guilty of BWD (Birding While Driving), I bet there are just as many of us that can admit to birding with a buzz-on.  Just as long as we don't combine the two, then I think we're okay.

In 'spirit' of the topic, I remembered these babies sitting on my shelf and they are just too hilarious not to share...

Based on the photos on the back of the box, I think they are intended for sporting events...

These are serious booze vessels we're talking about here, not one but TWO, separate eight-ounce flasks cleverly disguised as old-school optics...

They thought of everything - carrying strap, funnel, labeled "power"...

I'm not sure who could consume 16 oz. of liquor and still get a good ID on a bird, but maybe they're made to pass around?

Unless I see someone staggering around while birding I don't think there would be anything suspicious about carrying two pairs of binoculars...

I've never actually used them, but all I know is that when I saw them, I had to have them.  Now I must add - please drink and bird responsibly!


  1. And just when I was starting to suspect that us birders are nerds...you show something AWESOME like this.

    What beverage do you think is being poured in on the box? I can't decide what to drink now while birding. I guess it should be themed on the birds. Tequila sunrise if you're going after a Western Tanager, something with bitters if you're going after Bitterns.

    1. Ha! I looks like it might be a beer that's being poured in on the box, but the foil and clear bottle throw me off...maybe it's some 'extirpated' brand from the 70's?!

      Love the idea of basing cocktails on birds, perhaps something with vermouth for a Vermilion Flycatcher? Sparrows would surely require whiskey and gulls would likely require bourbon, I think Seagull Steve might concur on that one...

  2. I have a hard enough time seeing the birds without the booze. lol

    1. Too funny! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The flask binoculars are hilarious! I guess they do think of everything....wait, this may be a way to entice my husband into going birding:)